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To explain the philosophy behind our program, let's start by exploring why this is what we believe and why we hold certain values in high regard. If you want to skip all of that, just click here to jump to our beliefs on process. 


At Malibu Canyon Aquatics we are committed to the philosophy that every swimmer must learn to crawl before they are asked to walk. What does this mean for your child? It means they will learn skills with great detail and build impeccable motor pathways for each stroke. It means they will be held to a higher standard for development than at any other swim school or swim team in the Conejo or San Fernando Valleys.

In order for a swimmer to be successful at the highest level, they must have both outstanding technique and an excellent relationship with the water. These two elements are only instilled in a swimmer if the learning process is highly focused and patient. Just as Rome was not built in a day, a swimmer spends years perfecting their craft.


Too often in youth sports there is an emphasis on children performing at a high level far too early in their careers. This mindset leads to young athletes and parents skipping critical steps in development in order to win races, win medals or win games. In doing so they sacrifice crucial skill development for an immediate return. But the road to success in the sport of swimming is long and winding, and let's be honest: Colleges don't care if your 11 or 12 year old swims fast. Consider this...

Every swimmer has a biological ceiling, or limit, if you will. The goal is not to race to that ceiling, but instead to extend that ceiling as high as possible through bettering your technique and developing strong mental character. Inevitably, the athletes who are superstars at 10 years of age or younger will get caught by their peers during the early teenage years. More often than not, this leads those athletes toward dropout and/or feelings of doubt, insecurity and resentment. As such, we opt to take the road less traveled and ask our swimmers to spend an ample amount of time in the Swim School and on the Development Team before they begin competing. 


Our Swim School and Swim Team are not set up like most programs. No matter what your child's experience is we always focus on, and consistently return to, learning the fundamentals of having good posture in the water, creating clean body and swimming lines and maintaining excellent balance. As we have fewer levels in our Swim School than other programs might, you can expect your child to be in any given level for anywhere between 3-6 months. Simply put, we hold our swimmers to a much higher standard than most schools and teams would.

Rather than jumping directly from swim lessons to swim team, every member of the Swim School who graduates and wishes to move on to competitive swimming must first join our Development Team where they will continue to chisel away technique and build the necessary strength they need in order to be in one of our competitive training groups.

Our ultimate goal is for your child to be given the foundations of fast swimming when they are young so that as they grow, their potential grows as well. With proper technique and a rooted belief in our team's culture, your child can astound you with how fast they'll go!