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"I have had the chance to watch and learn from Coach Andy Copley over the last four years. It is easy to see with his technical expertise and understanding of coaching way he is thought by many, myself included, to be one of the best young coaches in the US today. But Andy’s knowledge and ability to apply that knowledge are not what makes him an extraordinary coach. Andy is unmatched in the excitement and enthusiasm for his athletes that he brings to practice! He never stops instructing and cheering, if he is not doing one it’s the other. Andy seems to be dancing with excitement up and down the pool, from one lane to the other each and every day!"

 -- Bailey Weathers

USA Swimming Sports Performace Consultant

Former Head Coach at Notre Dame and Club Wolverine

These guys are the real deal!  They are professional, passionate, and driven to teach your child proper swimming technique in a 1) safe, and 2) fun, environment.  The rest will fall into place - whether he/she moves on to a competitive swim team or just ends up having a great skill/exercise to enhance the rest of their life's journey.  This is the place.  These are the people. 

-Tracie H.

"Amazing, knowledgeable and hardworking coaches who truly believe in the potential of their swimmers and value them as individuals. If you want a program with coaches that teach athletes to be dedicated, honest swimmers with depth and good sportsmanship this is the place to be."

 -- Mia S.

"Coach Naka proved to have a great work ethic and an amazing knowledge of swimming. Coming from a country where technique is essential, her coaching approach masters the fundamentals of the sport. In addition, she has proven to work well around swimmers of all ages, from little kids to masters."

 -- Henrique Barbosa

Brazilian Olympic Swimmer

Beijing (2008) and London (2012)

""My son just participated in his first week at Malibu Canyon Aquatics and I can't say enough good things about this swim school! After spending a year (and a small fortune) at Daland Swim School my son had grown very comfortable in the water and had spent a lot of time with the instructors working on basic swimming skills but had yet to actually start developing any of the strokes.


Within ten minutes of his first session the instructors at MCA had evaluated his ability level and were working with him on developing proper stroke and breathing technique. It was amazing to watch as they worked with him in the water and helped him put all the pieces together. He made more progress in his first two sessions with Malibu Canyon than he had in months of lessons at his old swim school (and at about 1/2 the cost!)

My son was so excited when he climbed out of the pool after his lesson he could hardly contain himself. I could see by the look on his face that he just had the best lesson he's ever had and he can't wait to go back. Now he wants to be a swimmer and he won't shut up about when his next lesson is. I really feel like I found a gem with these guys. 

 -- Paul C.

"My daughter had the privilege to swim under both Coach Andy and Tomoko and she loved it . They are both phenomenal coaches who motivate and bring out the best in every swimmer."

 -- Shazim H.